Fridge magnet wooden gears

Improve your imagination, just stick on and start spinning. Your fridge will no longer be so boring! Combine it endlessly, this process is fascinating

Fridge magnet INSTA-zone STEM constructor

Environmentally friendly

Only wood and metal, no plastic

We use beech plywood, covered with natural stain based on soybean oil.
Strong neodymium magnet holds gears firmly.
Our original hexagonal packing is made of recycled cardboard.
Handmade in Vinnytsia, UA
Less plastic around the home!

Beautifully crafted

Your fridge will no longer be so boring!

Ordinary things of an unusual form. Now your refrigerator is not just a chest with products.

If your friend or family member also wants to spin the gears at the same time, you don't need to buy another fridge. You can use any metal surface, even a kitchen tray or magnetic board.

Now the time in the kitchen is not so boring while you are cooking.

Give free rein to your imagination! Make infinite combinations!

Turn the gears together!

We have White, Black and even Pink NIBYQ!

Free shipping to United States
Let's make this world a little better

About us

We are a small family business from Ukraine

We bring you NIBYQ!

Many gears, unusual magnet, original decor, cool spinner, nice anti-stress toy.

NIBYQ will not leave anyone indifferent, because it is the perfect thing to spin and enjoy the magic of mathematics!

Every piece of NIBYQ is made, cut, polished, painted by hand with love!

The texture of the wood, which is gentle to the touch, is covered with oil, the size is convenient, the color pleases the eye.

We only use wood, metal and cardboard, 100% recycled materials.

Let's make this world a little better together!

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