About us

We live in Ukraine and in our free time from our main work we do things that make this World a little better.

I think I've heard hundreds of such stories, you know, when you need something and you can't find exactly what you need, perfect...

And this happened to us.

It all started with the fact that our refrigerator suddenly ran out of those little magnets, you know, the ones you put on stickers that say that tomorrow you have to be in the gym and take the younger one to an origami class at the same time.

I asked Ihor to do something about it and he brought me some magnets from the workshop.

But the new magnets stuck too strongly and were difficult to tear off. Then I asked to attach a figure to them. And he made these gears. The idea was so interesting that a small crowd of two children and a cat began to gather near the refrigerator. Everyone wanted to spin them (the cat also wanted to, but his turn never came). I asked to make a few more pieces. And then...

And... it was unstoppable. Modeling, material selection, again editing the model and so many times. We both dreamed of them at night at the same time, but we did not give up.

We tried a bunch of materials, 3D printing, milling and laser cutting. Ferrite, vinyl and other permanent magnets (how do I know all these words?..). Cardboard, a pile of paper of different densities.

After all, this is it!

We are 98% satisfied!

Then the war started in Ukraine... Russia cynically attacked our country. War seems to be a bad time to start new things. But despite the difficulties (well, if the war can be called "difficulties"), we decided not to stop. Life goes on.

And now we are here

After almost nine months of work, we are finally not ashamed to share it with you.

A considerable amount of time was spent on the development of the packaging. We didn't want a plain box (oh no, they don't deserve that, even an iPhone has a decent box). It was both wood and cardboard and a round tube and a rectangle... And finally it was possible to combine originality with practicality, functionality and environmental friendliness (in fact, it's also cheap).

We use 100% recyclable materials, only metal and wood.

Let's make this World a little better together!

Feel free to email us [email protected]

Ihor, Maryna / 19.10.2022

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